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Mastering Services

Two Cat Audio Labs provides state of the art mastering services.  Our goal is to make your project sound the best it can, enhance the emotional impact, bring out every detail, and provide you with the best value in mastering that suites the destination media.

How It Works

Two Cat Audio Labs will take your stereo mix/s and perform any necessary edits and deal with any problems in the audio.  Next we will adjust for any necessary eq balance issues, compression needs, and stereo imaging enhancements.  Finally we'll make any changes that are needed for the final destination format, create DDP's, set meta tags, and so on so your project is ready for distribution or delivery to a pressing plant.  

What Services Are Included?

Two Cat Audio Labs goal is to give you the best value for your money and we include several services many of our competitors charge extra for.  When your master is done by Two Cat Audio Labs we include:


We carefully edit your track removing pops, clicks, noise, hum, breath sounds and other anomalies that you don't want in your music.  Our goal is to make sure any issues in the audio are addressed.

Creatively Master The Audio

Here we'll add the magic fairly dust and if the project has multiple tracks Two Cat Audio will match the sound of the tracks across the entire project.  We'll also put in place correct fade ins/outs and track spacing.

Proper Tagging And Documentation

At Two Cat Audio we make sure the proper tagging and documentation is done to your masters.  We'll set ID3 version 1 or 2 tags, MCN, and ISRC codes. For CD release we'll create the proper documentation for the pressing plant.  Our goal is to help you document and ccapture revenue from playbacks.

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