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Remixing Services

One of the biggest issues artists face is getting their music out to a large enough fan base.  Two Cat Audio Labs provides dance style track remixes to increase your exposure to the large market of EDM fans.  Even if your music is folk, country, or in a singer/song writer style we can rework your material into a form that gets the dance floor moving and broadens your fan base.

How It Works

Two Cat Audio Labs will pull apart your material and look for the best hooks, ideas, themes, etc. and rework the tempo, drum track, effects while adding any new material needed for great drops and hands up in the air moments.

What Services Are Included?

Two Cat Audio Labs goal is to give you the best value for your money and we include several services many of our competitors charge extra for.  When your remix is done by Two Cat Audio Labs we include:


We carefully edit your tracks removing pops, clicks, noise, hum, breath sounds and other anomalies that you don't want in your music.  Our goal is to improve the raw tracks that go into your remix for the best results.

A Great Remix Of Your Song

Two Cat Audio Labs will create a great remix of your track.  We rework the tempo to the right range, buildthea drum track, rearrange your track, add effects, create new material including swells and risers, and include the best raw material from your song.

Quality In The Box Mix

At Two Cat Audio we use the best digital gear to provide you with an outstanding final mix.  We don't use cheap plug-ins or other shortcuts.  Staying in the box allows us to prevent noise and other distortion from creeping into your mix with unwanted A/D and D/A conversions.  

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